Weather Applets/Epplets/Apps/DockApps

One day (like all days), I was happily coding inside (like all days), and the necessity arose that I should gather up food on the outside world, to the market I had to go, go buy some food. Closed courtains and a small amount of artificial light keep me inside, but when I went out it was rainning outside!

For next time I will be prepared, as a small application I have, that tells me how things are going outside... I made an Epplet, but then my friends asked for a GNOME applet, and the other relagates that don't do E nor GNOME will not be left behind... as an X11 version will also come out.

My name is Roberto and I've become a weather-holic... thanks to Sourceforge for keeping my habits fit...

Please enjoy! Contributions will be welcome as patches or mail, and may the weather be on your side...


The first of the breed, make shure you have the excellent window manager Enlightenment, Epplets from CVS and WGET. Got them all? Now download an E-Forecast of your choice. Ahh... you want to know how it looks like? Good. Have a look:

When E-Forecast starts, it fetches the weather, and it does so at the frecuency of your choice.

Normal display of E-Forecast, this shows a sortta cloudy night, notice that there is online help ;).

Contributed Epplet shots. Thanks!

Configuration window, here you choose the city where you live and the update frecuency. Please look at the online help for details.


The choice for GNOME panel users/lovers, especially those with an up to date GNOME, because Gforecast supports panel resizing and location changes. Looks good and is light on the panel.

Here are some screenshots...

No need to explain what goes on here, it works the same way as the Epplet E-Forecast (look! even the configuration dialogs look a like!).


It's easy, just choose what you want: RPM, SRPM, source TARball (only Epplet and GNOME Applet are currently available, XLIB, DockApp, etc are in the works) available at the download page.